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MIGHTY MIKE – Where Circus Meets Music
MIGHTY MIKE – Where Circus Meets Music

Mighty Mike is the entertainment industry’s No.1 dwarf, having forged a unique career in the arts from a circus background and strong passion for music.

Standing just 130cm (4’3”), Mighty Mike is THE ONLY midget in history to have toured the world performing in front of millions of concert-goers. From the hard rock of Motley Crue to the dance pop of Britney Spears, midget rocker Mighty Mike has been performing with musicians night after night on arena stages across North America, Europe, Japan and Australia since 2005.

Mighty Mike is also an experienced little person actor in film (Epic Movie, Carnies), television (CSI: New York, Ghost Whisperer), theatre (Ripley’s Believe It or Not), commercials (Gatorade, Budweiser) and music videos (Velvet Revolver, Outkast, Blondie) where he utilises his many stage performance skills and stunts like fire breathing, juggling, unicycling, acrobatics, and wrestling while dressed in a wide range of costumes. He is also a strongman able to lift three times his own weight!

DJ Mighty Mike loves to get the party started. He is also a musician that plays guitar, sings and raps via his entertaining characters of Mini-Eminem, Mini-Elvis, Mini-Kiss and Mini-Kid Rock. Mighty Mike is the emcee and compere of choice for special events ranging from celebrity parties in nightclubs (MySpace, Tommy Lee) to bachelor & bachelorette parties – even kids’ birthdays.

Mighty Mike is also a legally ordained midget wedding Minister who provides a full range of celebrant services to make your wedding most memorable.

Born in the Czech Republic, dwarf entertainer Mighty Mike has now been a resident of California for many years... when he's not living out of his suitcase while touring the world or on location for production.

Audiences worldwide LOVE midget entertainer Mighty Mike!

Hire midget entertainer Mighty Mike for your next event, world tour or production.



Borgore Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse music video I'm in Playing Zombie Clown.

Borgore & Sikdope - Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse - feat - Dj Mighty Mike Midget as Clown.

J.G. - Hella Gold - Dwarf Fire Mighty Mike Music Video Talent

I Don't give a Funk JL Rose music video Feat Dwarf Mighty Mike Baby Stag Party Hire

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Midget Joke
Q: What do you get when you cross a midget with rock'n'roll?
A: Mighty Mike!


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